These conditions are agreed between FREEDOM FESTIVAL, a corporate entity with the number designated hereafter as FREEDOM FESTIVAL, and between any person wishing to purchase tickets for events, cards and products, marketed by participating entities, hereinafter referred to as the user.

These terms and conditions are intended to set forth the general conditions of sale at designated simply by FREEDOM FESTIVAL, established between FREEDOM FESTIVAL and the user, which regulate all the necessary steps to realize your online purchase of tickets for the shows following the indications contained in it.

In order to successfully carry out your online purchase of tickets, the user must observe the following steps of operation:

Step 1 »Ticket Selection;
Step 2 »Confirmation of purchase summary;
Finalize »Make the Payment.
The user must print the ticket immediately after the purchase.


At FREEDOM FESTIVAL you can make your purchase by paying with VISA or MASTERCARD Credit / Debit Credit card or through the Multibanco reference payment (only for Portugal).

The validation of credit card payments is provided by STRIPE.

In case of fraudulent use of cards, the seller reserves the right to cancel the transactions associated with this payment method. The payment of the multibanco reference is provided by EuPago Lda.

In the case of making a Multibanco reference payment after the established date and time limit, you will receive an offer code of this amount for use in a purchase of equal value.

Prices shall be in euro.

All prices shown already include VAT (applicable to the day of purchase).

In case of error by duplication of transaction is guaranteed the cancellation and full refund of the amount paid.

All tickets are personal and cannot be transferred. We only do the refund or change the name on them if you buy the ticket with the GOLD option.

In the case of the event being cancelled or postponed, FREEDOM FESTIVAL will not refund the transactions operating costs.


If necessary, any requests for information, questions or complaints should be made to the address

All contents and prices described and presented on the website are the responsibility of the Promoter of the Event, and may:

Be modified at any time, and without prior notice, by the same;
They are outdated or contain errors.
For all access and purchase steps on the site, FREEDOM FESTIVAL only has a media obligation. FREEDOM FESTIVAL disclaims all warranties and liability for any inconvenience or prejudice arising out of the use of the Internet, in particular a service interruption, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or any case of force majeure jurisprudence of the courts, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The user registered in the FREEDOM FESTIVAL is ​​responsible for their access data, and must guarantee their confidentiality. It is also responsible for your personal data and due update.

This platform should not be used for the exchange of computer viruses, mass mailings, illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent or otherwise defamatory material.

In situations of misuse or fraudulent use of FREEDOM FESTIVAL and, regardless of the applicable legal procedure, FREEDOM FESTIVAL has the right to, in particular, delete the registration of this user.

FREEDOM FESTIVAL takes all technical measures to ensure the privacy of the information entrusted to it.

This site gives the possibility of submitting personal data through a secure transmission method. We implement security measures to try to prevent illegitimate access by third parties to your personal data. Our professionals who may need to access your personal data will be duly authorized and bound to their confidentiality.

The personal data requested, are intended for possible communication with the user in case of cancellation or any other unforeseen event.

The data on the payment methods used in the FREEDOM FESTIVAL are not saved, where any user, even if registered, is asked for this information whenever making a purchase.

You authorize FREEDOM FESTIVAL to:

automatically collect data on your computer (eg browser used), your connection (eg IP address) in order to account for access and determine usage profiles. This information is collected for statistical purposes and does not allow for an individual identification.
collect cookies with the purpose of facilitating your browsing in the

You may authorize the use of your personal data for marketing actions of FREEDOM FESTIVAL.

You may at any time exercise your right and delete your personal data from the FREEDOM FESTIVAL database.

The FREEDOM FESTIVAL, is a registered trademark and domain of Crystal Matrix Association and protected by intellectual property rights. They are the exclusive property of the Crystal Matrix Association.

Authorization must be requested from Crystal Matrix for the use of a simple link to the homepage of the FREEDOM FESTIVAL website. In this case, it will not be an implicit affiliation or partnership agreement.

On the other hand, any link directed to the FREEDOM FESTIVAL website and using the framing or in-line linking technique is formally prohibited.

Any unauthorized link must be removed with a simple request from FREEDOM FESTIVAL.

In situations not foreseen in this contract, the purchase and sale, electronic transactions and distance arrangements will be applied with due adaptations.

This platform was created in accordance with Portuguese Law.