PARASENSE @ Freedom Festival 2019

Parasense is the name of a dark psytrance duo (Alexey Kurkin and Victor Zolotarenko) from Russia. The name is a short for “Paranoic Sensations”. They played their first international gig at the Eclipse Festival in Hungary in 1998.

Victor Zolotarenko died in an accident on 4 January 2006.

Alex continues to make music and has recently teamed up with Bom Shanka Music to work on more Parasense tunes and other collaborations with Asimilon (1/2 of UK duo Psymmetrix), and Illegal Machines.

DUST @ Freedom Festival 2019

Andrea Lunghi AKA Dust has been releasing psychedelic trance music since 2008, always keeping on evolving and defining his cutting-edge, broad soundscape from night-time underground full-on tunes to daytime kick-ass dance floor stompers.

His tracks are imprinted with his easily recognisable touch and you can hear them pounding at most of the psytrance events around the globe. Many releases followed Dust’s debut album “I don’t like psychedelics” on Looney Moon records in 2012, such as “My friends love psychedelics” in March 2013, “Explicit Content” in 2014 , “Hippie Blaster” in 2016 togheter with Lunatica, “Loonacy” in 2017 with Obliviant and “Wanamatcha” last december.

Aside from his solo project, Dust has a role in many collaboration projects: Loonacy (with Obliviant), Foam (with Assioma) and Dustinface (with Phase) to name a few.

Dust is a real production machine – His state-of-the-art studio kept him warm during the past cold season, as you can tell by the list of his upcoming releases:

– Dust Vs Jumpstreet – “Dusty streets” Ep
– Dust 3rd full length album

His hectic touring schedules have brought him all around the world’s most renowed psychedelic gatherings, such as Boom and Ozora Festival in Europe, Rezonance in South Africa, Doof in Israel, Experience in Thailand and Universo Paralello in Brazil.

GOASIA @ Freedom Festival 2019

We all know those two goa minds from southern part of Europe, but it’s good to say that Goasia project exists since year 2000. It became more active on the trance scene after 3-4 years, since Vladislav Radulovi aka Kantz Cover from progressive trance OPSY came into a project and joined Balint Tihamer.

Bunch of studio equipment directed to sound, represented trough the tracks, and resulted on many worlds’ releases at various labels. For example, we can mention some of the first releases that came on Suntrip, Cosmicleaf, Kagdila Rec, Unicorn Music, Phototropic, Global Sect Music, Soundmute Recordings, Spacedock Records, Goa Trance Com, USTA Rec, etc..

In year 2006 Goasia published a collaboration album with greek goa trance artist Omegahertz for Unicorn Music. After that release and few more singles on other labels, at the end of 2007, in November, this project made their first solo studio album under the name “From Other Spaces” and published it for goa trance label “Suntrip Records” from Belgium, and became the official Suntrip artist. Excellent vibes and reviews of this release, opened to Goasia new offers for promoting their music all over the world…

After a while, about 2 and a half years, some compilations and EPs later, Goasia decided to unite the newly composed material on the media which they present on their second CD album on Dimensional Records in 2010. Definition of the album was described as a fusion of the morning, sometimes melancholic sound and cheerful forest environment. Of course, all spiced with the energetic, cosmic and ethnic melodies.

The return to the good old spirit of beautiful Goa Trance music in a totally new form of high-quality production, many consumers noticed on their new 3rd studio album called “Amphibians On Spacedock”.

Very strong and science fiction illustration of possible story somewhere in universe.


Astrix has been one of the leading trance producers and DJs in the world for more than a decade, carrying his musical message of psychedelic emotional uplifting trance to every corner of the world, to the biggest urban clubs and far away beaches, huge festivals and underground events.

Devoted to his art and a true perfectionist, Astrix is known for his massive hypnotic explosive sets on the dancefloor and for his precise detailed production in the studio. Both always laced with tons of feel and musicality.

His music has been topping the charts and his albums are considered milestones.

AJJA @ Freedom Festival 2019

AJJA is an eclectic and multi-talented Swiss artist who channels his creativity through parallel careers as musician/producer/dj, Peak Records label manager, graphic artist and tattoo artist.

Born in London in 1975, AJJA grew up roaming the planet with his world-renowned family of tattoo-artists and travellers. Wandering across the world and bathed in various artistic scenes, he was provided with a constant creative drive. He started playing guitar when he was nine years old, and having been reared in a rock’n’roll and funk atmosphere, he first concentrated on these musical styles. By his mid-teens, he had composed, produced and recorded over one hundred original songs. He performed with a number of live bands in different countries and continued to create music and release rock albums for another decade. During this time, he also picked up the family trade and started tattooing alongside his parents and older brother Filip Leu.

Early Bird Tickets



.Well hey there freedoms! We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and got a chance to relax a bit. Let’s jump into the latest and greatest news from Freedom Festival team and prepare the next summer!!!

We have received numerous messages requesting tickets for the upcoming Freedom Festival which were scheduled to go on sale on 15 October. For this reason the production of the festival decided to anticipate the sale for the Early Bird Tickets (limited edition). So, the tickets go on sale at 00:00am on Friday 7th September.

Please note that this phase is a limited edition and that the price will automatically go to the value of the first stage, 105 EURO, once we sell 800 EARLY BIRD TICKETS. Don’t miss out, by waiting too long. If you wait too long the early bird tickets may sell out.


Merkaba @ Freedom Festival 2019

We have the pleasure to present for the first time at Freedom Festival, Merkaba!

Incarnated into human form in Australia and now a world citizen he draws deep creative influence from the beauty of Earth and her nature. Being deeply interested in the ever expanding spirals of consciousness he encodes his music with intention, evolutionary concepts and esoteric themes.

Merkaba’s unique and organic sound challenges us to awaken to the forgotten ancient tribal spirit hidden in our cellular memory and to the infinite power in all of us.

Open call for Food Stalls

We are welcoming food stalls selling fresh, healthy and interesting food and meals onsite.

As a small friendly event our selection of eating places will be up to 4 restaurants and 1 Chai shop, since it is the Festival’s intention to minimise direct competition and provide variety for our attendees.

If your food stall/Chai shop fits in our festival, please click here and fill ou the application form.
We are looking forward to your applications with great interest and lots of love.