Welcome to our Zen Island!

Welcome to our Zen Island, an oasis within our festival especially dedicated to rejuvenate the spirit, body and mind through alternative therapies, workshops, lectures and film sessions.
In this sanctuary, surrounded by water and a breathtaking landscape, you can make a pause from the celebrating dancing of the dance floor and immerse yourself in spiritual education, relaxation and healing.
Zen Island is the space where you can free yourself from the tension caused by the routine of everyday life and an opportunity to you get disconnected from the technological world.
Come rejuvenate your body and soul through activities such as yoga, meditation, wellness treatments and therapies, get inspired by talks and workshops that will challenge you and expand your perspective, and assist to exciting and informative documentaries on a variety of topics like environment, sustainability, technology, political activism, consciousness, spirituality and plant medicine.
Our island is the perfect place to connect with your most innerself, explore your own power and follow spiritual paths and expressions of unity.

If you are a professional and want to contribute to the good energy of our Zen Island, please fill out the form to know your work. See you soon!

Accessibility in Freedom Festival

We’re committed to ensuring a more accessible and enjoyable experience for disabled customers. We will have easy access and toliets special. We are a Festival of human beings made with love for other human beings.
If you need any information, please send us an email to accessibility@freedomfestival.pt


The History of Freedom Festival

In the late 90’s, a group of enthusiastic friends and activists of psychedelic culture decided to start creating some private and intimate parties for themselves and likeminded friends. They aimed to design parties that would meet their collective tastes and fantasies. They were amateur yet passionate collectors of trance music, and felt that the organizations of the time, while bearing the task of satisfying and teaching the new generation, did not bring in the projects that were at the forefront of the music scene.

Thus, the first DMTeam event was born in July of 2001, creating a milestone in the transition from purely Goa Trance to Psytrance fully embracing the eclectic international panorama. They began creating events with some of the biggest poster headliners, such as: GMS, Talamasca, Parasense, Skazi, Raja Ram & Astrix, among others.

Coming from the same organization, and after several trips to Thailand and Goa, Carlos Baptista and Nuno de Sá created their base of action at their home in Anjuna, Goa. That’s when Crystal Matrix came along. With the will and need to grow and evolve, Crystal Matrix Records was born as a Clothing Label and Record Label. It has gained a great success internationally, with varied compilations and albums excitedly edited with artists like Parasense, Shift, Suria, Gms, Talamasca, Astrix & Space Tribe among others. Eventually finding itself in the TOP 3 of the best-selling labels in Japan between 2003 and 2006.

After a number of striking events that went down in history, the desire to do something bigger and better was growing, and in 2005 a partnership was created between Crystal Matrix Rec. And Spun Rec. This was the first Freedom Festival; filled with the best headlines of the current Trance scene. Held in Campo Maior in the Alentejo, with more than 7,000 people attending from over 40 countries, a result that surpassed any initial expectation or dream.

Keeping the spirit of working as a team, a second edition was made in 2007, this time in Elvas, in partnership with Hommega Records. This site outlined, and gave the Freedom Festival its identity, as it is now known. And so, after 12 long years of striking and scintillating events, the need to look for a fresher venue, to offer better conditions to an increasingly demanding and selective audience has become apparent. As well as the desire to explore a new concept, travel even further and spread the wings of freedom. With that in mind, the Freedom Festival makes its 7th edition in the S.Gião National Park, in Oliveira do Hospital.


WoW Deco @ Freedom Festival

In 2005 we took the first step and gave birth to the first ever Freedom Festival. We then delivered the sacred task of creating a dynamic dancefloor to the Tribe of Frog, currently known as WOW (Worlds Of Wonder). We faced some difficulties with the elements that year, as it was the first time we were building something so large in an open field, to last standing for six days.

Somehow we passed the test, and now fourteen years later and with much more experience, we have decided to work together once again with this crew on this new challenge! It is with great satisfaction and affection that we present the return of our brothers from WOW Deco, to imbue the dance floor with passionate creative magic.

At this moment they are commencing to plan and prepare pieces uniquely designed for use at Freedom Festival 2019. We are excited to meet the creatures of the forest, for whoever knows the fantastic work of this group of artists, knows that they will transform our woodland dance space into an enchanted and enveloping forest realm!


BUY YOUR TICKET: http://bit.ly/FF2019Tickets




1200 micrograms by CHICAGO @ Freedom Festival 2019

DJ Chicago (David P Christman)-Tips Records
He is a veteran Goa/ Psy Trance DJ and a band member of 1200 Micrograms with Raja Ram, Riktam & Bansi (GMS).
One of the “Godfathers” of Goa/Psy Trance, in Goa from the beginning of Electronic Dance Music in 1983
– 66 Years old…with Raja Ram, the oldest Trance DJs in the scene (but young at heart!)
– A founder of 1200 Micrograms band,(with Raja Ram, Riktam, and Bansi/GMS), one of the most influential bands of all times in the trance scene
– DJing everywhere around the trance world, at the major festivals Ozora, Boom, Voov, Antaris, XXXPerience,Rainbow Serpent, Full Moon, Indian Spirit, TranceLoversNation, and many others, and playing trance parties all around the globe, all European countries, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, India,Hungary, Australia,New Zealand, Dubai,Chile, New Caledonia,Thailand, Cambodia, and more…
– DJs 1200 MICs Hits, Full-On Psy/Goa, Retro ’90s Goa Hits, and Chill/Ambient dj sets
– Released DJ Chicago Compilation CD,”Full On – Turbo – Blast”
– Made 18 tracks with GMS/Zorba, released on TIP Records as “GMS Feat. Chicago”, and “Zorba Feat. Chicago”, separate from 1200 MICs tracks
– Has released 6 1200 MICs CDs with the band
Started DJing and our band 1200 MICs with Raja Ram, Bansi, n Riktam of GMS in ´99-2000, having a blast rocking around the globe ever since, DJing and doing 1200 MICs Live Shows from Australia to Russia to Brazil to Israel to Mexico, and everywhere else around the entire trance world.

BATTOUSAI @ Freedom Festival 2019

Ricardo Marques is BATTOUSAI who was born in the early 80’s, began his djing career in 2004 with a strong and traveling groove.

Founded Magnitud Records label in 2009. Since then, transformed his sets on a departure ticket warranted for one cosmic psychedelic trip therapy.

Thus, throughout is career as resident in the major trance scene production, in Portugal, as in many places around the world where played gave him an extensive experience at dance floor and catapulted him start producing his own tracks, since 2006.

Currently, 100%, focus on production deeply plugged with the same major principal for each track.

Accurated sound wave design for total connection with ”the” collective mind and body background.

Able of reaching unknown planets made of melting forms and matters, harmonically, synchronized within the source. Blending boundaries between an electronic technological energy field flowing through multidimensional and twisted universes in each unique stage experiment interaction.

Some of his tracks have featured some VA’s and released some EP’s in labels, besides Magnitud, such as Womb Records, Transition Records and Maharetta Records. Nowadays, Ricardo is shaken between upcoming EP’s and VA’s participations with some of his favorite artists.

KALYA SCINTILLA @ Freedom Festival 2019

Australian Music Producer and Founder of Merkaba Music, Kalya (Ka –lee- yah) Scintilla ( Sin–till –ah) has always had a love for music; playing in garage bands, banging on drum kits, spinning vinyl in the night clubs of Sydney and getting down to funk! Kalya had a knowing one night listening to one of the most profound pieces of visionary music from the legendary Herbie Hancock, that his soul’s mission was to make music his life’s devotion. Soon after this experience he enrolled himself into a two year audio engineering course and eventually left the city to work on music in the country deep into nature.

Taking on small part time jobs to get him by, he made his sole focus and time dedicated to honing his craft. He signed on with Zenon records in 2009 putting him on the map inside the psy-trance world with his first project, Merkaba. His second project, Kalya Scintilla made it to the top ten on Addictech charts in the same year and by 2011 he was touring the U.S. west coast. Kalya Scintilla took hold in the United States as dance floors were all a buzz about the masterful style in which Kalya was throwing down squelchy funky grooves that were uniquely deep and hypnotic.

In 2012 he began collaborating with artist Eve Olution inside the album Open Ancient Eyes. New elements took root as these two worked in the studio to add detailed nuances to weave the current mythos of our time within the music. This album is the first of three inside a trilogy dedicated to our human journey, this planet, and our connection to creation itself.

Today both Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba are renowned throughout almost every continent on the planet and the popularity of both projects are growing as more & more people are connected with the deep seeded intention of every song.

CRAZY ASTRONAUT @ Freedom Festival 2019

CRAZY ASTRONAUT is the project of Nikolay Golutvin the creative genius Russian that began to give in the sights with its first heterónimo musical FURIOUS. As any genius Nikolay wanted to expand to transcend their borders and risk something different and totally new, Crazy Astronaut is born.

The name Crazy Astronaut is a tribute to Yuri Gargarian Soviet cosmonaut who was the first man to travel in space in 1961, with this project Nikolay maintained the fast Bpms of FURIOUS as well as irreproachable production, but it brought melodies and light where before there was darkness and catharses psychedelic … it was not long before this new sound totally original and different begins to invade the tracks and dj sets from around the world and stand out beyond the universe of dark and hi tech.

In a short time Crazy astronaut rose to a status of new psy trance star and became the poster head of countless events and festivals across the four corners of the globe. In Portugal it was no exception and Crazy quickly became a cult artist for Portuguese trancers who still follow him today and exhaust the events where he plays. It is not a lightweight that elects Portugal as its favorite destination and its most loyal fan base!