Our Manifest

Our goal is, and will always be to continue to provide a unique, energizing experience where human beings from all over the world can come together and enjoy 6 days in nature, in complete freedom and acoustic paradise, away from the constraints and the stresses of mundane life and the control of the system.

In 2019 we propose to improve the designated area of ​​the Chill Garden. In visual terms, comfort, and with special emphasis in its programming that will be more eclectic and experimental.
Always aiming to make the event more sustainable and reduce the ecological footprint. We will build various wooden structures that will be permanent in the park to significantly enhance your experience at the Freedom Festival. Exalting the feeling of the simple beauties of life and our connection to mother nature and the Earth. We want to share and promote a philosophy of respect for everything around us.

Although we are professionals in what we do, we will never forget that we are a group of friends who chose to embrace and activate the ancient dance ritual that realigns us all as human beings in connection with the Cosmos and the transdimensional entities beyond our comprehension. As well as the universal force of love which is more important than ever today.
We have all the conditions for the Freedom Festival to continue to be a destination for travellers and festival lovers from more than 80 countries, due to both it’s dream location and the invigorating previous issues that anyone could have missed.
In modern times it is important to step back, so that we can embrace the future and accept the present with compassion and appreciation …