The mobility of participants is one of the aspects with the greatest environmental impact. We want to encourage everyone to prepare their journey in advance and to consider the different transport options, favoring the least polluting.

For those traveling to the festival, there will be bus transfers to the festival site organized from the following airports: Lisbon and Oporto. This service is ONLY for Transportation to and from the event.

It is part of our initiatives in order to reduce the total footprint of the festival. (more info about the total footprint soon)


Oporto Airport > Freedom Festival – 6th August – 12h00
Lisbon Airport > Freedom Festival – 6th August – 12h00

Freedom Festival (São Gião) > Oporto Airport – 12th August- 12h00
Freedom Festival (São Gião) > Lisbon Airport – 12th August- 12h00




Why I didn’t receive my confirmation e-mail?

Select e-mail providers may recognize “new” mail from tickets@freedomfestival.pt as spam. Please check you spam folder for your confirmation. If you E-mail us (tickets@freedomfestival.pt), you will be able to receive E-mails from us since you initiated the communication.

When do I receive my tickets?

All ticket confirmations will be emailed to you. You can download and print the PDF file; you will need it to board the bus, also an ID with your name that matches out system. Once you purchase a ticket, you will receive email updates with any pertinent information regarding your trip.

How do I find the transfer bus at the airport?

When you arrive at the airport, please follow signs to the Metro and lookout for someone with an Freedom Festival t-shirt, and a bus with an Freedom Festival sign on it.

How do I find my bus after the event?

Your bus will pick up from the same location you are dropped off at. We will have staff at the location to help direct you. Buses leave August 6th, 2019 from 06:00 until 14:00.

My plans have changed, can I get a refund?

All airport transfers are non-refundable. If a particular route is sold out you may transfer your seat to another person, but there will be a small fee for this. Please contact tickets@freedomfestival.pt

When will the airport transfers sell out?

We will be taking all tickets off sale on July 31st, 2019; however some routes may sell out, or simply be no longer available before then, so we advise you book as soon as you can. How far from the event site will my bus drop me? All airport transfer buses drop you off at the festival entrance.

Can I leave items on the bus that I do not want to carry around?
No, you will need to take all items with you. If you leave anything on the bus, please email tickets@freedomfestival.pt so they can check with lost and found.

Who is responsible for lost items?

You are 100% responsible for your items. The festival and shuttle provider are not liable for any theft or lost items. Please be cognizant of your belonging at all times.

What if my question is not listed on this FAQ?

Please contact us by email at tickets@freedomfestival.pt