As you know, the Freedom Festival prepares all editions sets of different decoration that fit the theme chosen by us. That’s why this edition will count on the collaboration of five collectives of decoration, three Vjs´s and various animation groups and performers. will be announced in due course.
We aim to focus on the visual component of this event, as we have the strong conviction that it is extremely important to lead us on a light journey through this dense “fluorest” …


In 2005 we took the first step and gave birth to the first ever Freedom Festival. We then delivered the sacred task of creating a dynamic dancefloor to the Tribe of Frog, currently known as WOW (Worlds Of Wonder). We faced some difficulties with the elements that year, as it was the first time we were building something so large in an open field, to last standing for six days.

Somehow we passed the test, and now fourteen years later and with much more experience, we have decided to work together once again with this crew on this new challenge! It is with great satisfaction and affection that we present the return of our brothers from WOW Deco, to imbue the dance floor with passionate creative magic.

At this moment they are commencing to plan and prepare pieces uniquely designed for use at Freedom Festival 2019. We are excited to meet the creatures of the forest, for whoever knows the fantastic work of this group of artists, knows that they will transform our woodland dance space into an enchanted and enveloping forest realm!