This edition we will bring a new experience of sound and landscape where you will find yourself melting between the music and the surroundings. Here you will find a place to tune in with the Earth and the forest, where organic and electronic moods brought by our wonderful artists and deejays will slide you across the four dimensions and back.

Diversity is found in the richness of Nature and here we allow the expansion of consciousness and the pleasure of being free.

This area is dedicated to a widest spectrum of sounds than can be included in the Chill Out genre’s musical pot. From psy-chill, to ambient, dub, downtempo and minimal, here we offer a continuous soundscape that will appeal to different states of being: relaxation, contemplation, communication and dancing. Into the night the Chill Out will be filled with more powerful beats and melodies from techno to deep house or alternative freeform ethnic grooves that will make you rise and dance. In these frequencies, movements can be less repetitive, free and open.
We assure maximum quality of the sound system allowing you to feel to the body of the music and synchronize with the planet.
More info about the Artists soon…