Creatures of the Forest

Once upon a time, when man was just a guest newly arrived, the Earth belonged to the creatures of the forest. By creatures of the forest, we mean gnomes and elves, fauns and faeries, goblins, ogres, trolls… They watched over it and cared for it, played, danced and sang, treated the injured, settled disputes between species and sat mushrooms discussed above issues of importance. Thus was the world where humanity was born.

Man discovered agriculture. With it, civilization flourished and expanded. Forests guaranteed wood supply, while the fields were used for crops and pasture. Mankind settled. At first, this was not a problem. There were not many people, and everyone considered it to be fair letting them those little acre to make of them what they wanted. Some even decided to help: Gnomes moved into the barns, helping with gardening tasks and many trolls felt that the piles of manure were a change for the better, and decided to stay around. The remaining creatures of the forest retreated inland. The domain of Mankind spread and the forests became smaller and smaller. The Creatures began to amass in the forests, whilst in civilization things were getting worse and worse. Farmers thought they could increase their crops, and by increasing production, they ended up killing the soil. Gnomes fled, and trolls remained. Nowadays there is very little virgin land even those fade at an incredible rate. There simply isn’t enough space for all the creatures of the forest. Where did they go?

Mankind traded its connection to Earth for deforestation with logging machines with sliding, turning cows into milk machines and chickens into egg factories.

We all feel that forests, creatures, spirits and wild landscapes are the reason why trees, stones, rivers, streams, birds, snakes, bears and frogs no longer talk to us, as they did in the old tales of Native Americans, Hindus, African people or in the Bible stories? It is because we are no longer there to reply. Each deforestation, every massacre parts us more and more from our dream world and the trees, making reunification all the more difficult, although it is still possible. Somewhere, not far from here, in the real world, forests of old still stand, the buffalo still roam the prairies, the sky is still full of condors, and the deer still play with the antelope.

Wherever there is virgin land in our dream world, there is still a strong connection, bridges, tunnels and portals. Occasionally, a traveler would get lost in the vastness only to find himself back in the real world, the next day or to find out that over a hundred years had passed, or not turning up at all.

There are also other fleeting connections such as in streams or waterfalls where you can still hear the voices from the other side, when you listen carefully. When they sit near these waters, they hear a ringing shrill and screaming. While our children may see their world in their dreams, their children will see our world in their nightmares.

Moreover, there is another connection: sometimes agents from the other side infiltrate our world in an attempt to hasten reunification. Believe it or not, they miss us. Sometimes, more often than you can imagine, they send souls to our world to be born as human babies. There are many of them out here right now… They are planting gardens, living with the indigenous people, running recycling centers, starting revolutions, corrupting the youth, writing poetry…

The transition from their world to ours is not easy. It involves rituals and enchantments. At first they might not have the faintest idea of what or who they are. They may or may not come to discover it. They know, however, that they are different from most. They know that this world is not theirs. They will remember, vaguely, something better, where everything made sense and everything worked as it should be, where love and magic had the power to heal.

They see things that others may not see, hear things others may not hear, feel things that others may not feel and know things that others may not know. They will love humans individually, but they will have a tough time with mankind as a whole. They will have a handful of close friends, but often be alone.

Due to their memories from the other side, the world to them would looks like a fantastic steam organ with only a few teeth left on the gears, and because of this tiny defect, the music is all out of tune, the horses collide with each other and the children are scared, pained and crying.
The solutions will seem obvious but no one else can hear them.

They will spend a lot of their time with children and animals.
They will become drunks, drug addicts, organic gardeners, carpenters, madmen, magicians, jugglers and clowns, lunatic physicists, painters and designers of scribbles, travelers and vagabonds.
They will dress themselves with bright colors, frumpy sweaters or all black.
They will smoke too much or drink too much. They will eat only macrobiotic food.
They will often be accused of living in their own fantasy world. They will be great lovers (even the trolls).
They will spend too much time making love, or thinking about it.
They will talk to inanimate objects.
They will have eyes brighter than all the others.
They will expect for their magic to work in this world and for their love to heal and they will be crushed by that same world (often unexpectedly).
They will visit those places where the connections still exist: the waterfalls, the mountains, the ocean, the forest. They appeal to all the power they have and sometimes the magic happens. Everything will be wonderfully easy and the children will bring forth laughter and songs with sticks of cotton candy. While the rest of humanity is busy finding new and more efficient way to dump garbage on Earth by the pressing of a button, they are ate the ones saving it, bit by bit.
They share the common conviction that they are the only sane beings in a crazy world.

DICK TREVOR @ Freedom Festival 2019

DJ Dick Trevor (aka Dickster,The Green Nuns, Bumbling Loons, Circuit Breakers & AMD) is quite simply a force of trance nature.

He was right there at the inception of what people came to know and love as the Goa Trance sound & psychedelic trance music and (along with Space Tribe & Tristan) he can count himself as one of seminal producers of the scene that became one of Simon Posford’s early collaborators and long term influences.

It was in the thick of the 90’s melting pot that he met the genius of Neil Cowley and the guitar of Matt Coldrick, creating a spark that kick-started the whole movement with one of the most important albums within the genre: The Green Nuns – Rock Bitch Mafia.

Part man, part machine – Dickster has a connection with his studio that most producers can only dream of. He has been called upon by everyone for all kinds of musical advice, which he offers freely and enthusiastically. Never too busy to help, whether it’s part of the Shpongle LIVE show at Ozora or lending an old synth to an enthusiastic teenager and helping him set it up. He can count Riktam ‘GMS’, Junya ‘Eskimo’ & Leon ‘Avalon’ among his former students!

He has many collaboration side projects including: Circuit Breakers with Burn in Noise, Bumbling Loons with James Monro (Flying Rhino), AAAH YEAH with Nano Record label boss Regan, Infinitti Gritti with Ajja and Burn in Noise and more on the way!

He has released and worked on more tracks than most people have had hot dinners. His work with Danny Howells has seen him dip into the more commercial world of dance music to show the dynamic range of his skills.

Dicksters’ cheeky and brilliant mind has much to offer, and has already provided a massive backbone to the history of Psytrance. His own live and DJ sets under his Dickster moniker always deliver the most driving acid tingling dancefloor workouts with infectious grooves. Dicksters’ vibe is filled with the block-rocking love of funky complexity, mesmerizing detail, unstoppable movement and best of all… real psychedelic music!

He’s had hundreds of releases on more labels that can be mentioned here. Instead we recommend you check out his Discogs Page for that!

ARJUNA @ Freedom Festival 2019

Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982 Ever since, he has had a unique and interesting journey through life. He grew up in Goa, the mecca of psy trance, where he saw the birth and evolution of this mystical genre.

Arjuna started collecting psytrance DATs and mini disks at a very early age. At the age of 19, he got his first shot behind the decks and there was no looking back.

Meeting with Giuseppe Parvati and Teo Discovalley gave Arjunas music taste a new direction deep and purely psychedelic and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and Arjuna started experimenting with his own sounds with a Playstation game called Music 2000.

He first observed friends working at the prestigious Discovalley studio (Chapora, Goa) and then sank into more serious programming and knob tweaking on cubase.

After proving his metal as a dj in Goa, Arjuna was signed by Parvati records to represent their sound as a label DJ. By this time he had also started to perform at partys and small festivals in and around Europe. His Dj sets are a mix of organic sounding groovy dancefloor shaking bombs produced by some of his favorite artists and friends Atriohm, Farebi Jalebi, Jahbo, Syntax Error, Dronebixie, Onkel Dunkel, Gidra, Encephalopaticys. Since Goa was installed very early in Arjunas system, he always had a natural instinct to cast his spell and get people moving on the dance floors. In order to improve his own sounds, Arjuna took up an electronic music production course at S.A.E. and soon after, broke through with his very first release on Parvati records.

He has dedicated most of his time to develop and consolidate his own idea of psychedelic music. Together with his partner at the time (Seb), he made his nest in the epic Discovalley studio for a few years and his skills evolved leaps and bounds. His tracks are carefully crafted with a lot of precision and heart.

Now his sound is intense and groovy , a balanced combination of power and emotion. He incorporates tight percussive rhythms, hypnotic atmospheres and colorful scapes to create deep stories that emit a raw energy to shake the forest and all the creatures living in it. Watching dancefloors erupt since an early age, has given Arjuna the dominion to make people close their eyes, forget the world and just dance till their knees wobble. The mystical vibe of goa flows through his creations, warmly touches the soul and leaves people with their hands up asking for more and more.

Arjuna’s first Album – Primal Contact – has been released in July 2015.

BLISS @ Freedom Festival 2019

BLiSS, also known as Yonatan Marcow, has been producing high quality and original Psytrance music since 2005, blending his musical knowledge and production skills into cutting-edge and fresh new sounds.

His music has its own style, with lots of aggression and love that is mushed up into full on power trance. Since the release of his surprising debut album back in 2005, “The Rhythmus Gene”, he toured the world, performing all over the Psytrance party map.

The crowds love gave him the push and motivation to create more music and since then he released countless tracks on compilations, another solo album (“The Looney Bin”) and 4 more collaboration albums, two with his side project A-TEAM (with Painkiller) and two with Azax vs BLiSS. Its easy to pinpoint what makes him stand out from the rest, his ability to create not only dance music but music that you dance to.

BLiSS is a musician that never slips into the current music fashion slide and stays loyal to himself while exploring new and unheard territories.

ALIENN @ Freedom Festival 2019

Alienn (Global Army Music) – Patrick Ferreira, 30 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal with 6 years old.

He started djing when he was 14 years old, mixing House and Techno, until he met Trance a year after, starting to dedicate himself to this music style. Getting more into the scene, in 2006 he started also dedicating himself to Psychedelic Trance production.

The 1st album “Alienn – Cosmic Matter” was released at 2009, and 11 EPs between 2011 and 2017. At 2014 born a new project of Progressive Trance called Audiosun, and in 2015 born Vibers. Alienn has played in Brasil, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Morroco, Macedonia, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Serbia, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, Luxembourg, France, Spain and more. Alienn represent now the Global Army Music from Mexico and Kaos Krew Records from South Africa.

NATURE @ Freedom Festival 2019

In order to establish a perfect relationship with nature, it is necessary to recover the conscious appreciation of what we receive from the earth, to be fully aware that the earth gives us food, air, water, life. Therefore, having an arrogant attitude towards nature is destructive, and it is this attitude that is causing so much suffering at this time. We do not respect our mother earth, instead it is treated as an object, something without consciousness, we ignore its spirituality, its heart, its body.⠀

In ancient times, the elements were venerated with great respect and love, they used to thank for the food, the dawn, the animals, the trees, the rivers, the animal that was hunted was pardoned, it was explained that the sacrifice would feed the whole tribe. One used to ask for forgiveness to the tree that was being cut, it was explained that its sacrifice would warm the whole tribe. This spiritual awareness is the spirituality of nature.⠀

When we realize that, we are children and not lords of the planet, our attitude changes. We cannot fall into the arrogance of believing that we are the owners of animals, seeds or the planet, we are only one more specie among all existing, we are a collective body, we are not isolated individuals, what we do affects our #environment. We are part of this collective consciousness; we can no longer ignore our interconnection with the planet.

In this edition of the Freedom Festival, our team will explore our connection to Mother Earth.

ELECTRIC UNIVERSE @ Freedom Festival 2019

Electric Universe is a psychedelic trance project from Germany formed by Boris Blenn and Michael Dressler in 1991.

Their first EP release, Solar Energy was an instant hit with the underground trance scene and is often credited with putting the Spirit Zone Recordings label at the forefront of psychedelic trance early on.

According to The Sofia Echo, they were “hailed in the 1990s as one of the top psychedelic trance projects to come out of Germany.

ALPHA PORTAL @ Freedom Festival 2019

Few karmic meetings in the studio resulted in Alpha Portal’s big bang birth. It set brothers-in-sound Avi Shmailov (aka Astrix) and Yoni Oshrat (aka Ace Ventura) on a promising path to become one of the scene’s most successful electronic music acts.

They enhanced their music to the highest psychedelic reaches and through their amazing on-stage performances, Avi & Yoni will create unforgettable dance floor moments. This is the perfect union of musical minds with a mutual belief in border-free psy trance music.

AARDVARKK @ Freedom Festival 2019

Aardvarkk is the solo psytrance project of Nigel Shiva Valley, a medium-sized, burrowing nocturnal mammal with a long pig-like snout used to sniff out food. He roams over most of the southern two-thirds of the African continent, avoiding mainly rocky areas. A nocturnal feeder, he subsists on ants and termites, which he digs out of their hills using his sharp claws and powerful legs.

In his spare time he writes groovy psychedelic tunes for the night time, and does all kinds of other cool shit.

PARASENSE @ Freedom Festival 2019

Parasense is the name of a dark psytrance duo (Alexey Kurkin and Victor Zolotarenko) from Russia. The name is a short for “Paranoic Sensations”. They played their first international gig at the Eclipse Festival in Hungary in 1998.

Victor Zolotarenko died in an accident on 4 January 2006.

Alex continues to make music and has recently teamed up with Bom Shanka Music to work on more Parasense tunes and other collaborations with Asimilon (1/2 of UK duo Psymmetrix), and Illegal Machines.

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