• Camping area it is located in beautiful place, sorrounded with forests, sport fields ecc – it is an unique and the only experience for party people in the region – a big international party familly sleeping, eating and …. together for 7 days. Here you can meet party freaks from all the World!!
  • In the camping area is possible to place a tent or even to camp only with sleeping bag
  • Available also place for campers (vans)
  • Camp will be open from 6 August (12:00) and will be equiped with showers & toilets & drink bars.
  • In camping area it is forbiden to use open fire.
  • COSTS – free of charge for Eco festival visitors (with festival ticket)


  • In order to avoid long waiting lines we recommend you to arrive at festival before evening.


  • All kinds of violence will be strictly punished and provokers removed from the festival venue !
  • Respect the nature !!

Please consider directives of security and Eco Team – remember: all directives have a reason and 1st goal of Eco team is to assure you safe and nice party weekend!

For more info about camping please contact us.