Welcome to our Zen Island, an oasis within our festival especially dedicated to rejuvenate the spirit, body and mind through alternative therapies, workshops, lectures and film sessions.
In this sanctuary, surrounded by water and a breathtaking landscape, you can make a pause from the celebrating dancing of the dance floor and immerse yourself in spiritual education, relaxation and healing.
Zen Island is the space where you can free yourself from the tension caused by the routine of everyday life and an opportunity to you get disconnected from the technological world.
Come rejuvenate your body and soul through activities such as yoga, meditation, wellness treatments and therapies, get inspired by talks and workshops that will challenge you and expand your perspective, and assist to exciting and informative documentaries on a variety of topics like environment, sustainability, technology, political activism, consciousness, spirituality and plant medicine.
Our island is the perfect place to connect with your most innerself, explore your own power and follow spiritual paths and expressions of unity.

If you are a professional and want to contribute to the good energy of our Zen Island, please fill out the form to know your work. See you soon!