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11 years ago a dream was born. A collective dream that grew up with the energy of so many dreamers that have come together to celebrate and contemplate the mysterious miracle of life and nature. The Freedom Festival has rooted, grown, blossomed and engendered more dreams. The upcoming 2017 will represent a climax moment of evolution, resurgence and transition. It will be unforgettable and it will bring about enormous changes.

We are living a critical and unique period in the history of our so-called civilization. We are facing increasing challenges that endanger not only our continuity as a species but also the thriving of life: the deterioration of the planet and its biodiversity, increasingly scarce and poorly distributed resources, the spread of poverty and wars, and climate change just to name a few.

It is time to act, to change and to become the change we hope to see in this world.It is in this global context that (r) evolutionary experiences are fundamental. The Freedom Festival is one of them. In 2005, a collective project was born; now, 11 years later and after lots of learning, much of energy exchanged and accumulated, it is the time to be reborn. It is a period of transformation, of evolution, of metamorphosis. It is the moment to BREAK FREE, get out of the cocoon and flap our wings to a greater and more conscious future. Because Freedom is also a living organism in constant mutation and grow.

The Freedom festival will be reborn in a new location, with new and renew energy; it will mythical. In 2017, an enchanted valley will host the collective dream of many souls that will connect and merge into one with nature to find liberation.

An enchanted valley

In order to live the next level of the Freedom Festival experience, we have decided to held this edition in a unique place, full of different environments and biodiversity, next to one of the most wild and extraordinary protected areas of Portugal: the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. A few km from the town of S. Gião there is a park, which is already known by many lovers of the psytrance scene. Freedom will re-emerge in this valley and other four surrounding properties, creating a unique area capable of welcoming in untold harmonious conditions the thousands of dreamers who will come from all over the world in search of this full contact with Nature and the magical creatures that populate these green lands, in a musical atmosphere of epic union.

The Valley, along with the commitment of a great team, will provide all the conditions to make the Festival an unforgettable experience: the shade of leafy trees, vibrant landscapes full of wild life, pure and abundant water.. The park will provide enough space to create secure parking spaces in controlled areas for all travelers’ vehicles, caravans included, toilet areas, restaurants, shops, diversified stages and 1001 nooks to explore …

Celebrate Consciously

We want to live a conscious life trying not to leave any negative footprint behind. We believe that it is our sacred duty to keep this beautiful place untouched and unpolluted. The only things we are willing to leave behind are the good memories of nature. Therefore, in this issue, we will limit capacity, encompass holistic methods to plan and manage the event in the most sustainable possible way.

You can consult the Valley’s sketch on our official website to better understand the excellent and unique conditions that we will offer in this edition of Freedom. We have the vision of creating a temporary community where, in family, as brothers and sisters, including other forms of life, we share, care for each other and cooperate. A radically innovative model of a creative, autonomous and culturally diverse habitat. We want to teach, learn and inspire a life-conscious and respectful lifestyle.

Now, 11 years later Freedom will be transform into a more captivating, evolving and EVOKING experience. It will be unprecedented. You will live it and love it..