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The international deco team MAE & MOA started decorating psytrance parties as early as 1991. They have been one of the first to introduce UV decoration to psytrance parties and festivals all over Europe, creating uniquely themed atmospheres and psychedelic worlds via big scale UV paintings as well as sculptures.

MAE & MOA have been decorating some of the biggest and most famous festivals all over the globe. For the last 10 years, they have been working together with the Vienna based Phoenix Firedancers, broadening their scope to show and stage design and perfecting their technical knowledge and experience with various materials, lighting and 3D landscaping.

While MAE & MOA are most famous for their massive and long UV backdrops, they have progressed now to creating and combining their paintings with big lycra and LED installations, turning their imaginative landscapes into a multidimensional experience.


Biolouminescense is one of the leading decor crew in Europe and keeps putting forward some of the most advanced ideas for venue and stage decor using black light active decoration from stretch fabrics, painted or airbrushed pictures. The scenery that will accompany us will be filled with warm and vibrant colors that will leave anyone amazed!


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