Nature is an organism with physical and spiritual manifestations; it is an integral being. Planet Earth is a living creature, it is the organism in which we live and therefore, to which we belong to.

In order to establish a truly and harmonious relationship with nature, it is fundamental for us to recover the conscious appreciation of what we receive from the earth and be grateful for it. We need to be fully aware that the planet we live in provide us with food, air, water, life. Therefore, having an arrogant and possessive attitude towards nature is destructive and highly illogical, and it is this attitude that is causing so much suffering and destruction… We do not respect our mother earth; instead, we treated it as an object, as it was not alive, as something without consciousness, we ignore its spirituality, its heart, its body, its way. In ancient times, the elements were venerated with great respect and love, people used to thank for the food, the dawn, the animals, the trees, the rivers. People used to beg forgiveness to the hunted animals, it was explained that its sacrifice would feed the whole tribe. One used to ask for forgiveness to the tree that was being cut, it was explained that its sacrifice would warm the whole tribe. This spiritual awareness is the spirituality of nature.

When we realize that, we are the children and not the lords of this planet, our attitude changes. We cannot fall into the arrogance of believing that we are the owners of animals, seeds or the planet, we are only one more specie among all existing, we are a collective body, we are not isolated individuals, what we do affects our environment. We are part of this collective consciousness; we cannot longer ignore our interconnection to the planet.

This edition of the Freedom Festival, our team will explore our connection to Mother Earth through its sacred geometry and the promotion of some initiatives in order to reduce the total footprint of the festival.


Want to reduce your ecological footprint ?

Respect mother nature and come to Freedom Festival by bicycle. Will make you happier and healtyer!



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